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「珠聯璧合 人文三十」
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​標語意思和故事 The Idea of our Slogan and the stories behind

這句字字鏗鏘的三十週年標語由HMW舊生會主席Edward Chow創作。




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The 30th Anniversary slogan of the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing (HMW) was written by the President of HMW Alumni Association (HUMAA), Edward Chow.

Edward graduated from the Humanities Programme in 2000 and had held the title of President of HUMAA since 2007. The slogan is taken one of his works.

When asked why he was so devoted to HMW, he said genuinely “I don't know whether I am counted as "devoted", but I simply love the people from HMW. All out of love.”

The meaning of the slogan:

“30th Anniversary is also known as “Pearl Anniversary”.

When oysters are irritated by the intruder, they will secrete nacre to cover the irritant. Repeating this process over time produces pearls. Just as the oyster is irritated, so we in HMW are irritated by the world and society. And just as the oyster produces its on slave, we in HMW transform worldly irritations into reflection. After a few years, a pearl will finally be formed. 

With 30 years of dedication, our Humanities transformed from “Humanities Programme” (HUM) to ”Department of Humanities and Creative Writing” (HMW).  

Now is time to concatenate all these individual pearls into a dazzling necklace. Let’s SHINE-and celebrate our 30th Anniversary together.” 

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