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一顆珍珠的誕生 The Birth of a Pearl

​標誌的創作理念和故事 The Idea of our Logo and the stories behind




pearl pink-background (2) (1).png





The 30th Anniversary logo of HMW was created by HMW student, Laurent Wong. 

Laurent loves conceptual communication and conversation. His logo design was informed by the fact that he wants to learn and try new things. They went through more than 40 drafts before it arrived at the final version. It takes time to produce a pearl!

The idea of the logo:  

“Humanities and Creative Writing originally were twin nurtured by two oceans. In these 30 years, the endless and infinite creativity and understanding of humanities will met each other and combine as one. Raised by the suitable protection, the department became a pearl, as well as a hope.  

Unveil it, and you shall see the lights hidden for so long.”  

Enthusiastic about imagination and creation, as well as eager to try, maybe are the best description of HMW students.

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